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Back Pain

Lower Back pain is the most common complaint seen by physiotherapists, the research has shown that approximately 80% of all people will suffer from back pain at some stage during their lifetime. There are a number of structures in the back that when injured have the ability to generate pain including the intervertebral joints, discs, ligaments, nerves tissue and muscle.


The symptoms of back pain will vary depending on the structures which are involved or injured. Often back pain patients will complain of a localised ache which is sometimes constant are can come and go depending on the movement or activity being performed. There may be referred pain down into the buttock or leg and /or a sensation of pins and needles or weakness which can indicate nerve compression.


In order to effectively treat back pain you must understand the causes. Our Chartered Physiotherapist will carry out a thorough examination to get to the route cause of your pain and identify any biomechanical factors which are contributing to the problem. For back pain patients a combination of treatment techniques may be used depending on the diagnoses. Treatment techniques include joint mobilisation, joint manipulation, massage techniques, dry needling, acupuncture, rehabilitation exercises, and mechanical traction.

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