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Bursitis is an inflammatory condition that affects the bursae which are small fluid filled sacs that lie between tendons and bones. These bursae help to reduce friction and provide cushion as the tendon glides over the bone. There are numerous bursea located in different joints throughout the body, however areas typically affected by bursitis are the shoulder, elbow, hip, knee and distal end of the achilles tendon. Bursitis usually occurs due to repetitive strain and excessive pressure on the joint.


Treatment of bursitis consists of rest from any aggravating activities and usually a course of anti-inflammatories prescribed by a qualified licensed medical practitioner. There may be underlying biomechanical causes for why the bursae is being overloaded. Our Chartered Physiotherapists will provide a thorough biomechanical assessment and prescribe any necessary exercises or orthotics to help correct malignments which are contributing to the condition.

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