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Bunion (Hallux Valgus)

A bunion referred to as hallux valgus amongst the medical profession is a deformity which results in pain and swelling at the base of the big toe. The big toe starts to lean in against the second toe rather than pointing straight ahead. Bunions are a progressive disorder, often in the early stages of the condition they are asymptomatic, however as the abnormality becomes more pronounced they can start to become problematic and painful. It is important that bunions are treated early on to try and prevent further progression of the disorder.


Most people who develop bunions would have had a genetic predisposition to the disorder due to faulty foot mechanics. Although wearing tight fitting footwear was traditionally thought to be the main causative factor for developing the condition it is now agreed that this usually only serves to compound the problem rather than being the root cause of the condition. In order to treat your bunion our Chartered Physiotherapists who are specialists in orthotic prescription will fit you with an orthotic specific to your foot to correct faulty mechanics and help offload the big toe. In cases where the bunion is quite advanced and symptoms are very severe our chartered physiotherapists may choose to refer you for surgical consultation.

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