Ankle sprains in tennis are common due to the rapid changes of direction required and the variance in surface friction levels a player will experience as they slide across court. The most common form of ankle sprain is an inversion sprain where a tennis player will roll over on the outside of their ankle damaging some or all of the ligaments which stabilise that side of the joint. Following a sprain a patient will experience immediate pain and depending on the severity may or may not be able to weight bear fully through the joint. Swelling and discolouration often presents soon after injury and it is important that tennis players follow the PRICE (Protect, Rest, Ice and Elevate) principle of injury management as soon as possible.

Treatment of ankle injuries consists of joint mobilisation techniques and soft tissue massage to help restore normal movement and reduce any swelling and muscle tension around the joint. As soon as possible your chartered physiotherapy will get you loading the injured joint with pain free exercises to help strengthen and regain mobility in the ankle and reduce the formation of scar tissue. Modalities such as heat therapy and laser may be also be used to reduce swelling and scar tissue formation.

Physiotherapy for Tennis Players