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Osteoporosis is the leading bone disease in Ireland affecting 1 in 2 women and 1 in 5 men over the course of their lifetime. It is a disease which results in an abnormal loss of bone density. Our bones are living tissues, as old bone cells are reabsorbed they are replaced by new cells which replenish and strengthen the bone. In order for bone to remain healthy they need a steady supply of protein, calcium, vitamin D, normal sex hormone levels and weight bearing/strengthening exercise. As we get older more bone is lost than is replaced, however in the case of osteoporosis an excessive loss of bone occurs resulting in fragile brittle bones which are prone to fracture. Alarmingly osteoporosis is a silent disease will little indication of its presence until a fracture occurs.

Osteoporosis Treatment

The benefits of strengthening and weight bearing exercise both as a preventative measure and treatment of osteoporosis have been well documented. Our Chartered Physiotherapists use a combination of weight-bearing exercises, strengthening or resistance exercises, Pilates based exercises and postural advice and strengthening to help treat and prevent osteoporosis. All exercise programs are devised to meet the specific needs of each patient and progressed accordingly.

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