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Piriformis Syndrome

The sciatic nerve which originates in the lumbar spine passes down through the buttock region before entering the leg where it branches off to innervate the muscles and supply information on sensation and movement to and from the brain. As the nerve passes through the buttock region it can sometimes become compressed by a muscle known as the ‘Piriformis’ due to spasm or tightness. This compression leads to a disruption in the flow of signals being passed along the nerve in the same way as you would have a disruption in the flow of water if you pinched the garden hose. This disruption can lead to pain and symptoms of pins and needles and numbness in the buttock and down the leg.

Piriformis Syndrome Treatment

In order to treat piriformis syndrome our Chartered Physiotherapists may use a combination of Myofacial release, dry needling, acupuncture and/or rehabilitation exercises to reduce muscle tension and pressure on the nerve.

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