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Tennis Elbow Pain

Although common in tennis players only 10% of the overall population afflicted with this condition actually play tennis, the vast majority of tennis elbow sufferers don’t play tennis. The condition is caused by a breakdown in the common extensor tendon of the forearm as it attaches into the outer part of the elbow joint.

It is generally an overuse condition and is common in manual workers or painters who are using their arms to perform repetitive movements and tasks of the upper extremity. Instrumental musicians are particularly at risk of developing the conditioning due to their typically demanding practice routines and the repetitive use of their wrists and hands when performing.

Tennis Elbow Symptoms

Tennis elbow or Lateral epicondylitis can be an extremely debilitating condition and is marked by pain on the outside of the elbow which typically refers down the forearm into the hand. Pain is usually aggravated by gripping and lifting activities and in severe cases even finer motor tasks such as holding a pen to write can be difficult. Typically the outer aspect of the elbow will also be sore to touch.

Tennis Elbow Treatment

Our Chartered Physiotherapists will provide a thorough examination of the arm, shoulder and neck in order to establish the source and cause of your elbow pain. Once an accurate diagnoses of tennis elbow has been made and the causes identified your physiotherapist will commence treatment using a combination of any of the following treatments: deep tissue massage, friction massage, laser, dry needling, stretching & strengthening exercises, joint mobilisation and corrective taping.

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